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Through the EU funded project "SEANCE", the AIEA is working in partnership with five other national energy associations to further strengthen the position of local energy agencies and to contribute to sustainable energy development across Europe.  for further information please click here

Certificate In Building Energy Rating

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) came into force in Ireland in January 2006. A central aim of the Directive is to allow building purchasers and leaseholders to clearly establish the energy efficiency of any building in which they are considering acquiring an interest. Buildings will be given an energy label, similar to that used for electrical appliances at present.

New Dwellings, for which planning is applied for after the 1st of January 2007, will require a Building Energy Rating (BER) when constructed, sold or rented. From January 2009 existing buildings, when sold or rented, will require a BER. BERs can only be issued by qualified independent assessors.

The programme has been developed and will be delivered as a partnership between Tipperary Institute and the Association of Irish Energy Agencies (AIEA).

This programme is targeted at architects, engineers and those involved in the construction industry and related services.

For further information on the BER Training

Display Campaign

In May of this year all AIEA members joined the European Display Campaign, which is aimed at encouraging Municipalities to publicly display the performance of their buildings in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption. This campaign preempts the impending European Performance in Buildings Directive where all buildings will be required to have audits undertaken on their energy performance.  for further information please click here


Listed below are number of case studies from each agency for further information please contact each agency directly.

Belfast Energy Agency

  • Community Action Renewables Programme (CAR) -(
  • The Energy Shareholders Club (
  • The Cosy Homes Programme

    Contact for further information.

    Carlow/Kilkenny Energy Agency

  • Energy Management for the Local Authority
  • Renewable Energy Training Courses
  • Primary School Energy Education

    Contact: for further information


  • MINUS 3% Project. ‘Shining Examples for the Implementation of the Energy End-Use Efficiency & Energy Services Directive'.
  • Switch Off Campaign: Energy-awareness initiative encouraging staff members in the four Dublin local authorities to switch off lights and appliances such as computers, photocopiers and printers when not in use. 
  • GREENOV: The GREENOV project aims to develop the economic sector of sustainable renovation by stimulating innovation within small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across North-Western Europe.
  • Green e-Motion: The Green e-Motion project aims to create a unique and user-friendly framework for green electromobility in the EU.
  • Contact: or for further information.
  • Cork City Energy Agency

  • Development and Implementation of an Energy Policy & Strategy for Cork City Council (EU SAVE project)
  • Development of training program and certification system for solar installers (EU Altener Project)
  • Cleaner and better transport in Cities (EU CIVITAS project)
  • Cavity Wall Insulation Scheme in Cork City
    Contact for further information.

    Cork County Energy Agency

  • Energy conservation in municipal and public buildings and in public lighting
  • A trial of esterfied waste cooling oil as a summer and winter fuel for vehicles and heating boilers and in investigation into the feasibility of establishing a small-scale process.
  • Analysis of wind potential and spatial planning requirements for wind energy development in County Cork.
  • Energy Efficiency Help Line & Internet Support Project (
    Contact mallowre@eircom.netfor further information.

    Donegal Energy Action Team (DEAT)

  • Temperature Cards for the Elderly - co funded by North West Health Board and Department of Family and Social Affairs.
  • Energy Strategy Working Group - Biomass project development
  • Community Benefit from Wind Farm Developments Contact Donegal County Council for further information

    Foyle Regional Energy Agency

  • Foyle Community Energy Efficiency Programme
  • Derry City Council Fuel Use Survey
  • Primary Schools Energy Efficiency Training
    Contact for further information

    Galway Energy Agency Limited

  • Galway Energy & Emissions Study and Development Plan
  • Energy Surveys for Local Authority - Water Pumping Stations
  • Renewable Energy Training Modules
  • 45 Domestic Geothermal Heating Systems
  • Low Energy Housing Designs (100)
    Contact for further information

    Kerry Energy Agency

  • Lough Guitane Hydro-Electric Scheme 250kW
  • Landfill Gas Electricity Generation 1mw
  • Co-digestion of Sewage Sludge and Source-separated Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes in an Anaerobic Digester. Contact for further information
  •  Limerick Clare Energy Agency

    • Limerick County Development Plan
    • Joint Limerick City and County Steering Committee for Renewable Energy
    • Clare Wind Energy Strategy
    • Clare County Development Plan
    • County Clare Integrated Strategy on Energy and Climate Change
    • Energy Management Certification for SME’s
    Contact info@lcea for further information

    Mayo Energy Agency

  • Energy Audit Aras Buildings, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
  • ALTENER - 100RES Islands - Achill Island
  • Thermometer card - distributed to every household in the country
    Contact for further information

    Meath Energy Agency

  • Education Programme delivering Energy Awareness to Primary and transition year students
  • Sonairte's Renewable Energy Park
  • Energy Audit for Meath County Council
    Contact for further information

    Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA)

  • Energy Management Services for both North and South County Council.(
  • Primary Energy (
  • Domestic Heating from Wood Pellets.(

    Contact for further information

    Wexford Energy Management Agency Ltd

  • Enterprise and Energy Initiative for Primary Schools
  • Energy Awareness Training
  • Civic Social and Political Education course Action Project (2nd Year secondary)
  • Biofuel Project
  • Community Based Wind Farm Development
    Contact for further information

    Western Regional Energy Agency & Network (WREAN)

  • Energy Efficiency Advice Center
  • Community Action Renewables
  • Heatsmart
  • Schools Programmes
  • Mobile Unit
  • Community Energy Planning
  • Green Transport
    Contact for further information

    Waterford Energy Bureau

  • The WEB was only founded in 2003 and to date has no published case studies.

    The Waterford Energy Bureau is currently hosting a serie of free evening seminars on the growing of energy crops and utilising the agri-waste for biogas.

    Contact for further information

    Midland Energy Agency

    The Midland Energy Agency was founded in November 2008, its main role involves

    • Energy Management for four local authorities: Offaly, Laois, Westmeath and Longford
    • Energy advice and policy
    • Display Energy Certificates for public buildings
    • Public lighting, water and wastewater projects
    • Promotion of renewable technology

    Contact for further information



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