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The Association of Irish Energy Agencies (AIEA) is an All-Island Body assisting the development and implementation of energy policy and best practice in an impartial and effective manner at local, national and EU level, through its own actions and by strengthening the capabilities of its members.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives refer to the core areas of operation in which the Association needs to become involved in order to achieve the vision.

  • POLICY - The AIEA will identify and actively strive to influence relevant policy so that more Sustainable Energy Development is achieved.
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT - The AIEA will increase the strengths of individual members by effectively responding to their training needs.
  • ALLIANCE AND PARTNERSHIP -The AIEA will identify, prioritise and maintain strategic alliances and partnerships to support its vision and activities

Operational Objectives

Operational Objectives refer to the critical structural and operational factors which need to be put in place in order to facilitate the achievement of the vision and the strategic objectives.

  • RAISING PROFILE - The AIEA will promote a positive and proactive image of the organisation at a regional, national and EU level so that it is recognised impartial and effective local actions in the energy sector.
  • FINANCE - The AIEA will actively seek secure funding at all levels in order to ensure the effective implementation of this strategy.
  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - The AIEA will have an effective structure that will facilitate the implementation of this strategy while ensuring that all local Authorities and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) have active links with a Local Energy Agency. This structure will also facilitate the unhibited transfer of information both internally and externally.
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